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IITMAANA Travel Grant Endowment

$1,575.00 raised
GOAL: $250,000.00

The purpose of the IITMAANA Travel Grant Endowment is to support the IITMAANA Travel Grant program. The Travel Grant program was started in 2001 to primarily assist research scholars presenting papers at international conferences. Grants reimburse 50% of out-of-pocket expenses.

The IITMAANA Travel Grant Endowment's fundraising goal is $250,000; however, the Endowment is currently at $120,000. Consequently, for the past several years, IITMAANA has had to augment the earnings of the IITMAANA Travel Grant Endowment with additional grants of over $10,000 annually from its operating budget.

Please contribute to this flagship IITMAANA program so we can enable students to excel in international conferences and competitions.

Who's donating: from College Park, MD donated. Thank you!