IITMAANA needs and welcomes your participation and support in any form. Together, we can make our fond IIT experience last a lifetime, well beyond our campus days. We need leaders with energy and passion to grow our alumni organization so we can do great things for alumni, IIT Madras, and the community around us.  So Get Involved and Let's have fun doing it.  

There are many ways to contribute to IITMAANA and IIT Madras:

Volunteering is a great way to contribute. You provide value to the organization by helping build, grow and sustain  IITMAANA. Volunteers are the lifeblood of IITMAANA, which is a non-profit volunteer organization.  Since IITMAANA membership is open to all IITM alumni, our family and friends who care about the IITMAANA and the mission of IIT Madras, you will find that volunteering is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.
Building leadership skills, experience, networking, bonding building lasting friendships, and enjoying the satisfaction of success in building the IITMAANA organization, are some of the benefits of volunteering.
Collaborating is another way to contribute. You provide value to yourself and to others. Like Volunteering, Value is the lifeblood of the  organization.
Donating is really the easiest and cheapest way of contributing. It is the currency for the organization. You can donate large or small amounts, whatever you can afford. It hurts your pocket but satisfies your heart -- because you donate to help organization or people who in turn help others, and that is good Karma.

IITMAANA is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) charity organization located at: IITMAANA, PO Box 1660 Cupertino, CA 95015-1660, USA