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Young Alumni Network will be critical for the long-term vitality of the IITMAANA.  Young Alumni are IITMAANA's future leaders, and their enthusiasm and talent should be harnessed in building the Young Alumni Network.  

Younger alums often expect an alumni association to facilitate regular social events and targeted career networking resources.  

Here are some ideas for how other alumni groups engage young alums: 

Creating leadership roles specifically for young alumni. 

  • Allowing user-submitted events, such as happy hours, parties, and outings targeted at fellow young alums. 
  • Since NationBuilder is fully synced with Facebook, a Facebook event RSVP feeds directly into the NationBuilder Control Panel. 
  • Put up a Leaderboard to show that there are actual faces associated with the Young Alumni Network. Give it a human face(s).  
  • Develop an easy way for young alums moving to a new city to connect with other alums who can help them get settled.  The picture above shows Prof Nagarajan giving an informative talk about life in the US and abroad, for US and foreign university bound 2014 IIT Madras graduates at an IITMAANA-sponsored reception, in Summer 2014. 


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