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Contributions are tax deductible.

IIT-M Class Project Funds

$56,750.00 raised
GOAL: $1,000,000.00

These donations are for projects your graduating class has elected to support at IIT Madras.  Check with your Batch Coordinator, what project your batch is currently supporting. 

You can donate to your class project by making your tax deductible donation payable to IITMAANA, a 501(c)(3) charity organization.

Only the online transactions (Credit Card and PayPal) are completed here. The other types of payment modes are offline transactions.  But you must enter your payment related info here, and follow up on your commitment to pay by Check, Bill Pay, Bank Transfer, Stock Transfer or other form payment with the bank (for check or Bill Pay), or stock trade agent to complete the transaction.  Once transaction is completed, we communicate to your batch coordinator  pay that amount.

You will receive a tax deductible receipt from IITMAANA for you donation.

Thank you for considering donating to your Class Project.



Who's donating: from Fremont, CA donated. Thank you!