The COVID19 pandemic has thrown our everyday life into disarray. While most of us are doing our part by staying home, some of our alumni or their family members are in the frontline battling the pandemic. IITMAANA is proud to have these dedicated medical professionals in its ranks.

This page is dedicated to recognize and support their efforts. We would like to mount an effective response in terms of fund raising primarily for the procurement of protective gear. We request all alumni to donate one or more of your local hospitals. In addition, we are also launching a coordinated campaign with our IITM family to donate to the PM Cares Fund.


Please direct your donations to the IITM General Fund for COVID-19.

IITMAANA is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) charity organization located at: IITMAANA, PO Box 1660 Cupertino, CA 95015-1660, USA