COVID-19 Relief for India - Fundraiser Update


We did it! In just 48 hours you helped raise more than $1M to help Chennai fight COVID. More than 800 of you came forward to make sizable donations - thank you for your generosity!

But we are not stopping. As of 5/8/21, we have raised $1.25M and on track to raise $2M with matching corporate contributions, and between US, India, and Canada. All of our sister organizations - IITMAA, IITM-Foundation and CF-IITM have joined the effort to “Help India Breathe”.

We are hearing from alumni from all over the world about how we could help.

  • Rahul Bhojja, IAS (’93 Batch) is leading the Telangana Govt's State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA) in Hyderabad and managing the government’s COVID response. He shared the current needs for oxygen in Hyderabad and Telangana, and how we can help. 
  • Shalini Puchalapalli (‘95 Batch), and a team of 8 IIT Madras Women alumni are working on relief efforts in Kadapa, and need help to raise $160k. More details here.
  • Other alumni from Bangalore, areas of Tamil Nadu, Assam, Delhi too have reached out regarding how we can help their cities and states.

Here is our Progress and our Plans:

  • We are finalizing the purchase of 500 Oxygen Concentrators to be distributed in Chennai (~$800k, Rs 5.6 Crores) with estimated delivery on May 15th. We are in constant touch with M.A.Siddique (‘93 Batch), the Principal Secretary and Special coordinator for Covid-19 Management for Chennai. He has shared that the original ask of 2,500 CPAP devices are accounted for with govt funds; and will look for continued deployment of raised funds.
  • We are expanding the overall reach of our campaign to assist other cities and states that need help, and where we are uniquely positioned to help. IITMAANA, IITM-Foundation and IITMAA met to decide the best way to help is to: 
    • Source Oxygen devices. Thanks to alumni like Rekha Ranganathan (‘93 Batch), a Sr. Executive in GE with 15+ years of experience in medical equipment, and a few others in the industry, we are uniquely positioned to do this.
    • Leverage our institute’s resources. Our established Trusts and Non-Profits, and the Institute can help purchase and stage devices for delivery.
    • Maximize impact via last-mile delivery in cities and states where we have accountable local leaders like Siddique and Rahul.

So, please continue to share and give through the “India COVID-19 Relief” campaign in the US. If you are based outside the US, please use this campaign site hosted by IITMAA.

We have also identified a few non-profit organizations that can help in more ways:

  • We have partnered with TNF (Tamil Nadu Foundation - to raise additional funds for the ‘Help Tamil Nadu Breathe’ campaign. You can choose this foundation as a way to direct your funds to help Tamil Nadu fight COVID.
  • We are partnering with The Wish Foundation to amplify their campaign: “Save Lives - India Needs You Now!”. COVID-19 Measures | WISH Foundation USA to help in places that are not covered by our alumni association.

As IIT Madras alumni, we are in a unique position to help and make an impact during this crisis. Thank you all for stepping up!  Please continue to share the need with your friends, colleagues and anyone who can help: “India COVID-19 Relief”, and stay safe!



Please send any questions or comments to: [email protected] 

IITMAANA is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) charity organization located at: IITMAANA, PO Box 1660 Cupertino, CA 95015-1660, USA