IITMAANA Elections 2017 - Send in your nominations by Nov 25 2017


IITMAANA announces ​the​ ​election  ​for its​ ​office​ bearers​ ​ ​for the ​ two​ ​year​ governing​  period​ ​of​ ​Jan​ ​1st, ​ ​2018 ​-​ ​Dec​ ​31st,​ ​2019. The board has appointed Mukesh Sundaram (77, B.Tech. EE) as the election officer. 

Elections will be held for the following  positions: 

1. PRESIDENT        





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duties of the executive board


Nomination procedure:  

(download nomination form here)

All of the announced posts are open to any alumni who is a registered member of IITMAANA. The interested candidate should be nominated by two other IITM alumni who are members of IITMAANA. A primary person has to nominate the candidate for the position and a secondary person has to support the nomination.


Completed nomination form (click here to download) should be send to electionofficer@iitmaana.org, latest by 25 Nov 2017.



Call for expression and nomination:

5 Oct--25 Nov 2017

Withdrawal of nominations:

25 Nov--02 Dec 2017

Online voting (polls close at  on 09 Dec at 5 PM PST):

03 Dec--09 Dec 2017


10 Dec 2017







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