IITMAANA 2020 Elections

2020 National and Chapter Elections

We are pleased to announce that IITMAANA is conducting its bi-annual National and Chapter elections. IITMAANA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by and for the alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, India. We invite you to participate in the elections to help strengthen our alumni community in North America. 

Residents of North America who have affiliation with IIT-M (alumni, past faculty, and their immediate family - children over 18 years and parents) are members of IITMAANA.  Only members in the database can participate in IITMAANA elections.  If you wish to be a candidate for office, or to nominate or second a candidate, or to vote in the elections, please ensure you are registered in the database by creating a Member Account. 

Each candidate for a position must be nominated on the Nomination Form (click here to download). Once nominated and seconded, the candidate must accept the nomination and provide a statement, and return the Nomination form to the Elections Commissioner. Optionally, the candidate may include a photograph. Candidates will be publicized (photograph and statement) on the IITMAANA web-site for the duration of the elections.

Alumni spouses can be candidates for elected positions for Chapters. Also, Chapter Elections can have volunteers, and don't need a member to nominate or to second them.


Election Schedule

Mar 14-Apr 5, 2020  Elections Announcement, and Call for Nominations
Apr 5, 2020  Deadline to receive Nominations
Apr 11, 2020  Announcement of Candidates 
Apr 18-25, 2020 Election Week 
Apr 26, 2020 Announcement of results of the election
May 1, 2020 The new committee assumes responsibility for positions.


The Terms for all Officers, National and Chapter, end Dec 31st 2021.


National Elections

The national elections will cover the following positions:

President - The President is responsible for the overall Engagement, Health and Growth of IITMAANA IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America, a 501(3c) non-profit organization. In this role the President will work with Board Members to bring together Chapters operating teams to organize events both at a national and chapter level. The President will work closely with the IITMAA - IIT Madras Alumni Association, and IITMF - IIT Madras Foundation, and the Institute - the Office of Alumni Affairs to enable the overall engagement of IITMAANA. The President is also responsible for working closely with PanIIT and other related organizations to help bring awareness and engagement of the IIT Madras within the IIT alumni community. 

Vice-President - The Vice-President is primarily responsible for Operational activities of the IITMAANA IIT Madras Alumni Association of North America, a 501(3c) non-profit organization. In this role the Vice-President will work with the President and other Board Members to help in organizational activities across the US, both at a national and chapter level. 

Treasurer - The Treasurer is responsible for the overall financial health, accounting of finances and filing of taxes for IITMAANA, a 501(3c) non-profit organization. The Treasurer role as a voting board member is to advise on current financial health and ability for the Board to fund new initiatives and chapters. The Treasurer will work closely with IITMF treasury to ensure the proper account of funds as per the revenue share agreement between the organizations.

Secretary - The Secretary is responsible for the overall documentation and records related to the operations of IITMAANA, a 501(3c) non-profit organization.

By default, the elected offers are members of the IITMAANA Board, and hold voting rights on decisions related to the operations of IITMAANA. Other Board members include: IITMF CEO - Girish Muckai, IITMAA/MAANA Representative - Amulya Panyam; Honorary Board Members such as past presidents.


Chapter Elections 

The 2020 Elections will cover for the following Chapters:

Bay Area, Chicago, Philadelphia, New York/New Jersey, Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Denver, Atlanta.

Each Chapter have positions open for the President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. The responsibilities are similar and consistent with those at the national level. President of local chapters are automatic non-voting members of the IITMAANA Board.

The Detroit Chapter of IITMAANA was recently formed and will not be participating in the Election. Alumni from other metro areas that want to organize a Chapter should contact Prasanna Vinjamuri (pvinjamuri@gmail.com).


Featured Chapters

Bay Area Chapter - The Bay area Chapter is the largest operating chapter for IITMAANA. With more than 1,000 members and a dozen events every year, the Chapter drives engagement by holding both national events like IIT Madras Summit, the Diamond Jubilee, and local events like Picnics and Sports events. IITMAANA has been an important participant in the PanIIT Diwali Dhamaka over several years, that celebrates the passion for performing arts and culture among our alumni. In 2019, the total attendance across all events held by the Chapter exceeded 1,500. 

Boston Chapter - The Boston Chapter is one of the most active chapters in the East coast. With multiple events every year the Chapter has held national events like the IIT Madras Summit, the Diamond Jubilee, and local events like Picnics. In 2019, the total attendance across all events held by the Chapter exceeded 400.


Please direct questions about the Election process to the Election Commissioners.

Mukesh Sundaram and Justin Thomas

Election Commissioner (electionofficer@iitmaana.org)

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IITMAANA is an IRS certified 501(c)(3) charity organization located at: IITMAANA, PO Box 1660 Cupertino, CA 95015-1660, USA