IITM's First Alumni Golden Jubilee Reunion in the US

IITM's First Alumni Golden Jubilee Reunion in the US
Hilton/Lisle, Naperville, IL (near Chicago) 
May 22 thru 25, 2015

How about that!!!  It’s been 50 years since the first IIT M alumni graduated. So Alumni from the First and Second (1964 & '65) batches celebrated their Golden Jubilee Reunions in Chicago. 

Director Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi and Prof. Ram Nagarajan, Dean of International Alumni and Relations, rearranged their US trip schedule to be with the Golden Jubilee Celebrants at Chicago on May 23 and 24 to inaugurate and celebrate the event.

The Organizing Team comprised:

  • 1964 US: Surjit Randhawa: (847) 644-4834; Mallik Putcha : 832-687-5000;

  • 1964 Chennai: S. Srinivasan: 919840812435; Mahadevan Mahadevan: 919840929729;

  • 1965 US: Pukhraj Jain: (217) 787-2321; Ram Mani: (732) 740-5468; Jay Pandya: (856) 495-7672;

  • 1965 Chennai: Narayanan K.Narayanan: 919841046275; K.V.Rangaswami: 919840998100.

  • IITMAANA Team: KV Reddy (President) (630) 788-5660 

The Collective Goal was to share this Golden Jubilee event with the entire IIT M alumni community to Rekindle our Friendship and Camaraderie among all alumni.

Can we challenge ourselves? the Oldest alumni to join hands with the Youngest alumni - mentoring them to share leadership and passion for IIT M, and help rebuild IITMAANA to be a vibrant organization for the benefit of all?  We help could organize events (picnics, parties, meet ups, etc.) around the US for all to celebrate the this first Golden Jubilee year.

We look forward to the pioneer alumni from the '64 and '64 Batches to lead the way to meet this challenge.


Best Wishes,

Mallik Putcha, Batch of 1964
Founding President of IITMAANA

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